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Why Garlic Is Good For Health
Sep 25, 2018

For centuries, garlic has been one of the drugs that people use to treat diseases and stay healthy. It is generally believed that garlic has antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-atherosclerosis effects.

Recently, U.S. researchers said they found why the spicy garlic has such good health value: it prompts the body to produce a compound that relaxes blood vessels, increases blood flow, prevents blood clotting and is oxidized.

"This result will help standardize the production of garlic supplements to ensure they contain ingredients that promote the secretion of this important compound," said David kraus, a physiologist in the department of environmental health at the university of Alabama.

Over the years, many studies on the medicinal value of garlic have focused on the organic polysulphide rich in garlic, such as allicin. But new research suggests that biologically active compounds, such as allicin, are only part of the problem, and that the chemical messenger hydrogen sulfide they generate in the metabolic process is even more important.

Researchers at the university of Alabama found that hydrogen sulfide, which carries information, helps relax blood vessels and increase blood flow. In one experiment, researchers dropped garlic juice onto red blood cells that immediately began releasing hydrogen sulfide. In another trial, researchers put a large artery in a mouse into a solution containing organic polysulphide, which began to relax when hydrogen sulfide was released from the heart.

Writing in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences, the researchers said the findings may help explain why some studies have shown that garlic pills do not have cardiovascular protective benefits, while others have suggested that the pills could prevent cardiovascular disease. "Our results suggest that the ability of garlic supplements to generate hydrogen sulfide may be considered when establishing criteria for garlic supplements."