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What Is The Difference Between A Single-headed Black Garlic And A Multi-petal Black Garlic?
Sep 25, 2018

There's a lot of black garlic, multiple black garlic and single black garlic are both black garlic, because the raw material of both single black garlic and multiple black garlic is garlic, and it's misleading to think that these two black garlic are the same kind and that's actually the wrong idea, what's the difference between single black garlic and multiple black garlic? Let's get to know:

1, The head of one or two black garlic is larger than the head of more black garlic, only one, and more than one black garlic can be divided into 12 and 14.

2, Single head is more sour and sweet in taste than multi-clove black garlic, which is more suitable for consumption and accepted by more consumers.

3, because single-head black garlic is larger than multi-petal black garlic, the fermentation time required is longer and the fermentation process is different.

4, much clove black garlic is edible as health food more commonly, and the nutrition value of alone head black garlic is higher than it, effect is stronger.

So that's the difference between single head black garlic and multiple clove black garlic, and hopefully it'll help you.