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What Are The Reasons Why People Choose Single-headed Black Garlic?
Sep 25, 2018

Manufacturer of alone head black garlic develops relatively speed on market in last few years, believe everybody knows the nutrition value of alone head black garlic is higher, and make rise also be simpler, so get many people's love, so what does the reason that people chooses alone head black garlic have?

Black garlic mainly contains amino acids, peptides, proteins, enzymes, glycosides, vitamins, fats, inorganic substances, carbohydrates and sulfur compounds. Besides, the size of single-head black garlic is larger than that of multi-lobe black garlic, which has only one lobe. Compared with multi-lobe black garlic, it is more sour and sweet in taste, more suitable for consumption and accepted by more consumers.

Among them, the amino acid contained in black garlic contains 18 kinds of amino acid, which contains almost all the essential amino acid in human body, among which, more contents are glutaric acid, spermine acid, asparagine acid and valine acid. The content of trace elements is higher in phosphorus and potassium, followed by magnesium, sodium, calcium, calcium, silicon, aluminum and zinc.

So say regular edible alone head black garlic is good to human body very much, must control good dosage nevertheless