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Germicidal Efficacy And Proper Edible Method Of Garlic
Sep 25, 2018

Garlic effect:

It has the functions of warming, digestion, detoxification and insect killing. Main treatment of food stagnation, abdominal pain, water swelling, diarrhea, dysentery, malaria, pertussis, ulcerous gangrene, white baldness, snakebite, hookworm, pinworms and other diseases.

Garlic effect:

1, antibacterial anti-inflammatory garlic is a natural plant broad-spectrum antibiotics, garlic garlic contains about 2%, its bactericidal ability is 1/10 of the penicillin, for a variety of pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, meningitis, pneumonia, streptococcus and diphtheria, dysentery, typhoid, paratyphoid, bacteria and vibrio cholerae, has obviously restrain and kill. It also kills more pathogenic fungi and hookworms, pinworms and trichomonas. Eating garlic raw is an effective way to prevent flu and intestinal infections. But should notice allicin is easy to be destroyed in the high temperature, lose disinfect action.

2. Sulfur-containing compounds in anti-cancer garlic mainly act on the "start stage" of tumorigenesis by enhancing detoxification, interfering with the activation of carcinogens, preventing the formation of cancer, enhancing immunity, blocking the formation of lipid peroxidation and anti-mutation and other ways to avoid the transformation of normal cells to cancer cells. Garlic contains trace elements, selenium can kill cancer cells, reduce cancer incidence.

3, antiplatelet agglomeration of garlic essential oil can inhibit platelet aggregation effect, its mechanism to change the physical and chemical properties of platelet membrane, thus affecting pinch of pick up and release of platelet function, inhibit platelet membrane protein fiber original receptors, inhibit platelet and fibrinogen, affect platelet membrane sulfonium, change of platelet function.

4. According to the epidemiological investigation and study, the area where an average of 20 grams of garlic per person per day has a significantly lower mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases than the area without raw garlic habit. The researchers tested 50 people in laoshan county, asking them to produce 50 grams of garlic every solar eclipse. Regular consumption of raw garlic can also reduce blood pressure.

5. Hypoglycemia experiments have proved that raw garlic can improve the glucose tolerance of normal people, promote the secretion of insulin and increase the use of glucose by tissue cells, so as to reduce blood glucose.

6. Thin blood smoking and drinking will thicken the blood. If you eat some garlic at the same time, it will balance and dilute the blood. It also has antioxidant properties similar to vitamins E and c.

7. Patients with hypertension have several cloves of vinegar and garlic every morning, and drink two tablespoons of vinegar juice.

8. Reduce cholesterol if garlic with yolk can inhibit blood vessels and skin aging, the lecithin in the yolk can remove the cholesterol that sticks to the blood vessel wall, playing a role in lowering cholesterol. In addition, egg yolk is also rich in vitamin E, can inhibit active acid, slow down blood vessels and skin aging; Garlic promotes blood circulation. This kind of collocation not only can have better antiaging effect, the cure that is afraid of cold disease even hairdressing also has good effect. For those who do not like the pungent smell of garlic, garlic Fried yolk is a good choice. It is in mashed garlic mixed with egg yolk, then slowly Fried with low heat, neither pungent taste, double will not produce strong stimulation to the stomach.

9. Eliminate fatigue and restore energy garlic and pork is a good way to eat, as pork is one of the richest sources of vitamin B1. And vitamin B1 combines with the allicin contained in garlic, can play the role of eliminating fatigue and restoring physical strength.

10. Make the blood unblocked, garlic and herring edible, make the blood unobstructed, garlic can promote the digestion of the protein in the fish. Pomfret, saury, and herring are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are effective in lowering cholesterol, clotting platelets, and dissolving blood clots.

One caveat is that garlic should be eaten raw. Garlic is best mashed, not chopped up with a knife. And let the allicin and the allicin combine in the air for 10 to 15 minutes before eating.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to the amount of garlic. It is not better to eat more garlic. If you eat too much garlic, it will affect the absorption of vitamin B. Additional, garlic is unfavorable and hollow edible. Patients with gastric ulcer and suffering from headache, cough, toothache and other diseases, should not eat garlic. Take 2 to 3 flaps once a day or once every other day.