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Fried Garlic Crisp With Three Kinds Of Food To Match
Sep 25, 2018

Deep-fried garlic crisp is a kind of seasoning for garlic, which has a strong fragrance and is a good seasoning for mixed rice, noodles, etc. Of course, not only these methods, but Fried garlic crisp with other food also has a special flavor.

1. Fried garlic crisp with egg yolk can inhibit the aging of blood vessels and skin. The lecithin in the egg yolk can remove the cholesterol that sticks to the blood vessel wall and reduce the cholesterol.

2. Deep-fried garlic crisp with herring can make blood unobstructed, garlic can promote the digestion of protein in fish, and the rich unsaturated fatty acids in herring can reduce cholesterol and coagulate platelets.

3. Pork is one of the food rich in vitamin B1. Combined with the allicin contained in garlic, pork can eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength.

The method that introduces above is Fried garlic crisp and a few other food collocation, hope to be helpful to the friend that likes to eat Fried garlic crisp.