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Fried Garlic Crisp Should Not Be Eaten At The Same Time With Those Foods
Sep 25, 2018

Fried garlic crisp a new way to eat, many people on this new Fried garlic crisp praise. This Fried garlic crisp is not suitable for all the food at the same time practical, specific can not be practical at the same time? Next by Fried garlic crisp manufacturers to introduce to you:

1. Deep-fried garlic crisp cannot be eaten with fish, because fish is rich in protein, while oxalic acid in garlic crisp will decompose and destroy abundant protein in fish, making it precipitate and not easy to be digested and absorbed by human body.

2. Garlic crisp can't be eaten with shrimp, which will cause calcareous oxalate.

3. Fried garlic crisp is not suitable for eating with seaweed. Oxalic acid in garlic crisp and iodine and calcium in seaweed are easy to produce stones.

4. Fried garlic crisp with honey will cause discomfort to the eyes and even lead to blindness in severe cases.

According to the above information, Fried garlic crisp is not suitable for all foods at the same time. If eaten together, it will cause physical discomfort. I hope you can pay more attention to it.