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Black Garlic Nutrition But Not Cure
Sep 25, 2018

Garlic is a very nutritious food, can be seasoning, sterilization, and some of the role of disease prevention. Recently, a kind of food called "black garlic" began to be popular on the market, claiming to be many times higher than the nutritional ingredients of garlic, and has the very magic "blood lipids, blood pressure, blood sugar, softening blood vessels, improving sleep, improving constipation" effect, although the price is more expensive, some people still rush to treat the disease.

What is black garlic? Is it really that powerful? The black garlic is not a special variety of garlic, and the production process is not complex, that is, fresh garlic cleaned with the skin in an environment around 60 degrees Celsius, low temperature heating for more than a month, equivalent to the long process of steaming garlic. Under this high temperature and humidity, the polyphenols in garlic oxidize, break down into quinones, and then fuse into melanin, turning the color from white to black.

Black garlic isn't unique either. When white garlic becomes black, its rich oligosaccharides will be converted to fructose, reducing the content of volatile organic sulfide. Therefore, it tastes more soft, sweet and sour with less spicy flavor. Other experiments have shown that prolonged heating may cause allicine and polyphenols to separate from other substances and release more, meaning that black garlic has more antioxidants. But the polyphenols are not found only in black garlic, and other fruits and vegetables may have similar reactions after this procedure.

The presence of a functional component does not mean that it is "effective in humans," and much of the health benefits touted by marketers are extrapolated from animal studies. Although studies on rats have found that the consumption of black garlic can increase the fat excretion rate in their diet and inhibit the obesity of animals to some extent, no relevant studies have confirmed the situation in humans.

People's Daily consumption of garlic is limited, and can not achieve the curative effect. Even if black garlic has more antioxidants, it should not be consumed too much, or it will affect the normal diet and the intake of other nutrients, leading to nutrient imbalance and loss.

In conclusion, black garlic, as a delicious food, can be eaten in moderation, but it is unrealistic to treat diseases with it.