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A Variety Of Edible Methods For Single Head Black Garlic
Sep 25, 2018

Single head black garlic is a fresh single head garlic, put in the high temperature and humidity of the fermentation room, without any additives, let its natural fermentation 60-90 days of product. Through fermentation, the black garlic will be black, not spicy, not stimulating, no garlic taste, replaced by sour and sweet fruit taste.

The black garlic is usually granule and can be removed and eaten directly, but there are many different ways to eat it, and it is also very delicious. One head black garlic can not only taste sweet and sour, but also taste good. In addition, single head black garlic can also be applied to various kinds of cooking, such as cooking, cooking, fast food, sushi, etc., different ways can taste different flavors of single head black garlic.

Eating black garlic can prevent disease because it is higher in nutrition than other common garlic ingredients and slightly higher in price, but still many people choose to eat black garlic.