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Why do I need to have water before making the fried garlic cake?
Sep 25, 2018

Everyone loves Fried garlic crisp and the production method of Fried garlic crisp is relatively simple. In order to guarantee the processing quality of Fried garlic crisp, we must do a good job before making it, especially the garlic crisp over water, then why?

In fact, before frying garlic crisp, we need to do water work, before frying garlic crisp should be cut with open blisters 10 minutes or so, can effectively prevent the color of garlic, affect the beauty of garlic crisp

The water before frying can also prevent the garlic odor, so as not to reduce the aftertaste of Fried garlic crisp. If the garlic paste before frying does not contain water, then the mucus of the garlic will make the paste easy to be Fried, and it will also stick to the pot, not only the appearance is not nice, but also the taste will be greatly reduced

Therefore, we should put the raw material into water before frying garlic crisp, and avoid long time to form and become dry, which can extend the edible period of Fried garlic crisp