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The nutritional value of garlic
Sep 25, 2018

Garlic, also known as garlic, alone garlic, sexual temperature, flavor, is a liliaceous perennial herbs. Garlic has been a folk fitness product since ancient times. It can not only taste, but also help digestion and promote appetite, and is also a magic medicine, with chilling and wet, detoxification, anti-cancer effect. As a side dish, garlic has the beautiful name of "native-born penicillin". Besides the vitamin B contained in the head of garlic, leek and garlic moss all contain a variety of vitamins, and the content of carotene and vitamin C is very rich, especially vitamin C, each 100 grams can be up to 102 milligrams, 2-4 times of the average vegetable. As a flavoring, in addition to helping digestion and promoting appetite, but also because it contains a spicy volatile matter? Allicin has a strong and extensive ability to kill bacteria.