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The effect of garlic
Sep 25, 2018

Garlic has the function of nutrition and health care and disease prevention and Cure: First, the efficacy of prevention is obvious. The motherland medical thought, the garlic sex temperature spicy, into the spleen, the stomach, the lung meridian, has the line Qi stagnation, the warm spleen and stomach effect, uses in the treatment diet stagnation, the abdominal abdomen cold pain, diarrhea diarrhea and so on.

The clinical practice of modern Chinese and western medicine proves that garlic has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, diarrhea, diuretic, antihypertensive, expectorant, cancer and other functions; Second, the bactericidal effect is good. According to pharmacological analysis, garlic contains a plant bactericide, called "allicin", with purple garlic and single head garlic content is high, white garlic, horse teeth garlic second. Garlic has a very strong bactericidal ability, staphylococcus, dysentery bacilli, Vibrio cholerae, Escherichia coli, typhoid bacilli, anthrax bacilli, mold, meningococcal, pneumococcal, Staphylococcus aureus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, diphtheria bacilli have the role of killing.

Someone tried to chew garlic in their mouth for 3-5 minutes, and the bacteria in the mouth could be wiped out; Thirdly, the health care function is strong.

Garlic contains thiol compounds, inhibit a class of metabolic enzyme activity, can inhibit the killing of bacteria in the stomach (Helicobacter pylori), reduce the inflammatory response of gastric mucosal cells. Four is a wide range of diseases. Garlic has the effect of dissolving blood stasis in the body, which can be used to prevent thrombosis and reduce cardio-cerebral embolism. Garlic contains trace elements selenium and iodine, selenium and iodine have the role of preventing cancer, garlic contains a "sugar body", it has a antihypertensive effect. At the same time eat more garlic can also prevent prostate disease, in addition, edible garlic can stimulate gastric secretion, improve appetite. But too much stomach acid and duodenal ulcer and chronic gastritis patients in acute stage should not eat, lest aggravate the condition.

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