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How to judge the quality of fried onion crisp good or bad?
Sep 25, 2018

Deep-fried scallion crisp belongs to a kind of food that both old and young people like. Deep-fried scallion crisp not only has excellent taste but also is rich in nutrition. Therefore, it is deeply loved and welcomed by everyone on the market. Interested friends to understand together.

1. We can distinguish the quality of Fried scallion crisp by its appearance. High-quality Fried scallion crisp is usually yellow or slightly red.

2. High-quality Fried scallion crisp is generally granular, and the particle size is uniform and consistent. Generally, the size of the poor quality Fried scallion crisp is not even and the cutting is not delicate, which will directly affect the taste.

3. High-quality Fried scallion crisp has light garlic pungent taste and aroma and has a certain seal. If there are other odors after opening, it proves that the quality of garlic crisp is not up to standard, and the taste will be slightly poor.

In order to guarantee the quality of garlic crisp, we should try our best to buy it in a large shopping mall. When we buy it, we must pay attention to the trademark, production date and expiration date, so as to guarantee the quality of Fried garlic crisp. If you want to know more details, please pay attention to our website.