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How to eat the black garlic alone?
Sep 25, 2018

Black garlic is made by fermentation of ordinary garlic. After fermentation, black garlic not only has no spicy taste, but also increases the sweetness of black garlic. The taste becomes softer and more delicious. Interested friends to understand together

After fermentation, people who originally did not like to eat garlic fell in love with eating black garlic. After fermentation, the original oligosaccharides changed into fructose, which increased the sweetness and soft taste of black garlic. Therefore, many people liked black garlic in the market

The edible method of black garlic has a lot of, black garlic can regard as snack to eat directly, nevertheless black garlic should not be taken more, do not want to eat together with base tonic, also can regard as seasoning article to cook edible at the same time, need to notice nevertheless when using black garlic to fry vegetables had better chop into garlic puree, lest can stick boiler

Single head black garlic is applicable to a wide range, but there is also a certain taboo, want to learn more about the details of single head black garlic please visit our website