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How much do you know about the classification of garlic?
Sep 25, 2018

With the increase of the current planting methods, black garlic manufacturers are also further research on garlic planting, so as to ensure that the products we grow are more high-yield. Today, let us know from which forms of garlic can be analyzed?

According to its growth, the size of garlic cloves, garlic can be divided into large and small clove species. In a garlic head, the large garlic cloves are generally 4-8, the size of each garlic clove is relatively uniform, garlic cloves hypertrophy, easy to peel off, garlic moss thick and long, spicy, high yield.

Different species of garlic, the color of its epidermis is also different, according to the color of the bulb of garlic can be divided into purple (red) garlic and white garlic. Purple (red) leather garlic cloves small and large, garlic moss hypertrophy, leaves are relatively wide, white leaves relatively wide.

The ecological characteristics of garlic can be divided into spring garlic and winter garlic according to the form of black garlic plant. The output of alkyd garlic shoots is very small, among which the spring garlic cloves are small and many, generally not lichen.

According to the strength of cold resistance, it can be divided into low temperature response sensitive type, low temperature reaction slow type and low temperature reaction intermediate type.

These are the related problems that the manufacturer of black garlic tells you. We hope that you can make certain observations to ensure that our production and planting can be cleaned more, so as to meet our needs.