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Garlic-Westerners ' favorite
Sep 25, 2018

According to foreign media reports, regular consumption of garlic in daily life has a good effect on preventing heart disease and stroke.

Eating garlic regularly can inhibit the growth of cholesterol synthase, reduce LDL cholesterol, increase good HDL cholesterol, and prevent platelets, blood clotting, blood clots and clean blood, according to a us media. Westerners like to eat meat, so they are prone to heart attacks and strokes. For them, eating garlic is very beneficial. Experts recommend that when cooking food, add garlic, which can both increase the flavor of the food and promote health.

Western people have now taken garlic as a necessary health food and often eat it. Oriental people are gradually accepting the taste and health function of garlic, believing that garlic will become the favorite food of the world consumers in the future.