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Black garlic, white garlic and other strengths
Sep 25, 2018

The garlic in the impression after peeling all is white, do not know when, appeared again black garlic. Some say white garlic is good, others say black garlic is good. In fact, two kinds of garlic nutrition on the strengths of each.

White garlic's distinctive pungent flavor comes from the biological activity substance -- allicin, which has the effect of anti-inflammation and sterilization and cold prevention. Besides allicin, white garlic also contains a kind of prebiotics, which is the grain of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and plays a certain role in regulating intestinal flora.

Black garlic is raw garlic belt skin fermentation 60~90 days, through high temperature curing, polyphenol compounds oxidize into quinone substances, and then polymerize into melanin, the color changed from white to black. During the fermentation process, the protein was decomposed, the content of free amino acids increased significantly, the oligosaccharides were decomposed into fructose, and the content of allicin decreased significantly. As a result, black garlic has a soft, sour and sweet taste, which leaves no garlicky taste in the mouth after eating, and is not easily irritated.

Scientific research shows that black garlic has higher antioxidant effect than white garlic, and the ability to scavenge free radicals is about 8 times that of white garlic. It also has some antagonism to the oxidative damage caused by ultraviolet light.

It should be noted that both black and white garlic are very nutritious, but should also be eaten in moderation, preferably not more than 3 cloves a day. Some merchants claim that "black garlic can cure diseases", which has not been confirmed by human trials, and consumers should not easily believe it.